Account activation

In order to use the services of the Center for Information and Media Processing (ZIM), the account must be available and activated. The activation is done by setting a password. To do this, you need the ZIM PIN, which you can obtain in different ways. Students receive the necessary access data (matriculation number and ZIM PIN) with the confirmation of enrollment at the University of Wuppertal. Non-scientific personnel will receive the necessary access data (account name and ZIM PIN) at the Human Resources Department when signing the contract. Other persons with authorization to use the services of the ZIM receive the access data upon request or in the user advisory service. NOTE: Loss/disclosure of the ZIM PIN must be reported to ZIM immediately. Students receive a new ZIM PIN in the Student Secretariat, other persons receive a new ZIM PIN in the User Advisory Service. The free services of the ZIM are only available after the account has been activated; paid or additional services must be applied for.

Password change/unlock

Go to the account management page and click the "Password change/unlock" link.

1. Login

In the pop-up window, please enter your account name (student number or employee login) and click "Next".

2. ZIM PIN input

After that, another input field appears, in which you enter your ZIM PIN. Please note the exact spelling of the PIN.

3. password input

Now a new window will open where you need to set a password. The rules for an acceptable password can be found on the password change/unlock page.

4. complexity check of the password

Now when you click "Check password" your password is checked for complexity (it is sophisticated enough to escape phishing attempts).

5. completion

If the password complies with the rules, it will be accepted by the system and your account will be unlocked at the next full hour. If the password was not accepted, you will have to enter another password again (step 3). After successful change click "Done" and the pop-up window will close (you are automatically logged out).

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