Moodle learning platform

Moodle is the central Learning Management System (LMS) of the university of Wuppertal. The ZIM has been offering Moodle as a service since the 2006/2007 winter semester. Almost all lecturers and students use this service.

ZIM ensures the reliable operation of the learning platform and makes the necessary adjustments in line with data protection regulations. Workshops and individual information and media didactic advice round off the Moodle service.

Thanks to the modular structure of the learning platform, you can implement simple to complex scenarios for teaching and learning as required. For example, work materials and literature can be provided or supportive learning activities (such as forums, tests, tasks, wikis, feedback tools) can be added and used.

Moodle's range of functions enables the targeted promotion of cooperative and self-directed learning.

'Moodle Lifecycle' event series

If you would like to expand or consolidate your Moodle knowledge or come into contact with (digital) teaching with and in Moodle for the first time, why not attend one or more workshops in the ZIM's 'Moodle Lifecycle' series of events, in which ZIM staff actively support the Inspector in teaching?

Moodle support

Here you can find information about our support services in and around the BUW Moodle system.

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