Software Portal

Since September 2007 it is possible to purchase software via the Software Portal The portal is organized by the asknet AG company Karlsruhe, which is also in charge of the software portals of other universities in NRW and other states in Germany.

There was a conclusion of a cooperation treaty, that sets aside the processing of the outline agreements (Campus- and Country licenses for research and teaching) by asknet on behalf of the university. Initially, the following outline agreements are being processed via the software portal: Adobe, Corel, Microsoft Select as well as the country licenses SPSS, SAS and NAG. This list can be extended if needed and with conclusions of corresponding outline agreements.

Furthermore one can find additional software products for research and teaching in the category „Product Line“, which are in some cases not particularly discounted, so when ordering one should consult comparative offers of other merchants.

As the software products for research and teaching are normally not provided in packages with a data storage medium, documentation and licenses, licenses for certain work stations, documentations and data storage media should or must be ordered seperately. A wide range of software is available for a direct download. This reduces the delivery time drastically and avoids shipping and handling fees. If the software still has to be provided on a storage medium, an overall fee per CD or DVD will be charged. Information about the software, like product descriptions or system requirements, are available in german and english.

Every division should name one (or more) employees, who are authorized to buy software via the portal. A one-time registration will then be carried out, where asknet will review the ordering authorization of the applicant (asknet provides forms for this matter). This application form needs to be signed by the dean, head of the central facility or the head of department respectively.

Thereafter software can be purchased. After the ordering procedure one receives an affirmation via e-mail. Invoicing and delivery (also via download) are carried out directly to those who conducted the purchase.

The invoices have to be furnished with allocations (chapter, title, budget cost center etc.) and then calculatively and factually charted by the purchaser. Together with the e-mail confirmation the invoice will then be transmitted to the billing department (Dez. 1.2.) (handling similar to stationery Ahrend).

The faculties or the central department bear the responsibilty for the management of the financial resources.

The company asknet provides a service number, where questions about the software distribution by the end user can be answered (via phone, fax or e-mail). Detailed information about service number, delivery conditions and shipping costs are available under:

Additional information about the software portal is available on the FAQ site (Frequently Asked Questions).

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