Account Administration


  • Mail-Alias
  • Mail Address, to which it's supposed to be forwarded
  • Autoreply
  • Spam-Filter Settings
  • Storage Space on the Mail-Server (Quota)

Change Mail-Data

Password Change

The password you modify via this platform applies to all services or accesses respectively.

Examples for Students:

  • E-Mail
  • VPN
  • WLAN
  • Wusel
  • Moodle
  • Internet-Café

Change Password

2fa authentication

2fa authentication for VPN is needed for certain services provided by the ZIM

BSCW (Groupware for cooperative work)

In order to use the BSCW you have to activate your Account for a legitimate usage.

Self-Activation for BSCW

Invite external guest (only available for staff members)

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