ZIM places a central mail server at disposal for all members and students of the university.

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htt/Mail-Clients and their Configuration

Because there is no direct access possible to the mail server, your need a "mail client" for getting/sending e-mails from a local PC. This program provides the mail protocols POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3)and IMAP (Interactive Mail Access Protocol) using secure socket layer offered by the mail server. ZIM recommends IMAP to you because of several benefits.

As mail-client ZIM recommends Mozilla Thunderbird.

Please use following configuration for your mail-client:

Incomming Server



  • IMAPS: Port 993 (SSL)
  • IMAP: Port 143 (STARTTSL only)

  • POP3S: Port 995 (SSL)
  • POP3: Port 110 (STARTTLS only)

Outgoing Server



  • SMTPS: Port 465 (SSL)
  • SMTP: Port 587 (STARTTLS only)

    authentification required for mail delivery

From Febr. 1st, 2015 a connection via port 25 (SMTP) will only be possible inside of university network.

Here you find some illustated examples of mail client Mozilla Thunderbird.

htt/E-mail Addresses at Uni Wuppertal

The e-mail address is (samples)

  • for members of university:
  • for students:

bubbel and 9912345 (matric no.) are examples for your login name ("username"). You also have the possibility to set one alias mail address or to configure one redirection for you mail.

Beside this standard syntax there are some more way your e-mail address could look like, For better use you should use the standard syntax only, it is the shortest and easiest of all! Optionally you may use a mail alias like

The maximum size of one mail, allowed by the mailserver, is gross 20 MB.

Recommendation: Limit the atteched file to 10MB. Otherwise some mail clients may have problems.

htt/Limitation of Storage Space (Quota)

Members of the university have 100 MB storage space for their e-mails, students 20 MB. This can be increased to a maximum of 1000MB for members of the university and a maximum of 500 MB for students via a self-service interface. ZIM ask you to handle this self-management of your mailbox responsibly. This means: using and reading of e-mails, clearing the storage space up (clear trash/ delete old e-mails). If there is an overflow at maximum set storage space, your e-mail account will be locked and deleted a month later.

If there is an overflow at maximum set storage space, you will get no further e-mails! You get an information e-mail instead which asks you to clean up your mailbox. At least by now you should pick up your e-mails from the server. Especially if you are using IMAP you can delete big e-mails directly on the mail server. If you don\'t react, all further incoming e-mails are saved up to four days and then sent back to sender by adding an advice.

Please notice:

Look out for retrieving your e-mail regularly. Don\'t configure your mail-client deliberately to leave e-mail on the server instead deleting when read. In this case you will see that there is no impairment of serviceability. It is know that only 1% of users needed 50 % of storage space. These limits should not hamber you but help ZIM to hold up the central mail service.

Our Counselling Service (Phone 439-3295) will respond to potential questions.

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