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  • Account - Team krankheitsbedingt nur eingeschränkt erreichbar
    Aufgrund von Krankheit ist unser Accountbereich leider derzeit nur eingeschränkt besetzt.  ... [more]
  • Zugang zu abgestellt
    Leider ist der Zugriff auf Video-Tutorials auf dem Webportal von ab sofort nicht mehr... [more]
  • Studentische Hilfskraft für die Benutzerberatung des ZIM (9h Woche) gesucht
    Das ZIM sucht ab dem nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine studentische Hilfskraft (SHK) für den Helpdesk... [more]
  • Aktuelle Information zur Schadsoftware Emotet
    Gefälschte E-Mails im Namen von Freunden, Nachbarn oder Kollegen gefährden im Moment ganze... [more]
  • Geräteausleihe: Derzeit keine Ausgabe von Apple Endgeräten möglich
    Derzeit ist keine Ausleihe von Apple Endgeräten möglich. Dies betrifft die iPad Pros sowie den iPad... [more]
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Moodle Learning Platform

The Learning Platform is the central Learning Management System of the BUW. Since winter semester 2006/2007 the ZIM provides Moodle as a service. Almost all lecturers and students use this service. 

The ZIM ensures a steady operation of the learning platform and supplies the necessary adjustments in line with the guidelines of the data security. Workshops and individual Information and Media Didactic counseling offers perfect the service surrounding Moodle.

The modular structure of the learning platform enables you to implement simple to complex teaching- and learning scenarios. This allows you to provide working material and literature and to also add learning activities, such as forums, tasks, wikis and a glossary. The functional range of Moodle allows a targeted aid of the cooperative and self-directed learning.

Through the learning platform the presence and blended-learning seminars in our faculties are supported. Furthermore does the university library provide digital reserve lists via the learning platform since winter 2007/2008.

  • Workshop Moodle
    Our workshops and courses are available for all staff members in the field of science, teaching and research. Single courses will count toward the didactic certification program "professional teaching skills for the university"... [next]
  • Moodle Courses
    Today media skills are part of the basic key skills, especially for students. They are the source for successful studies and job-related chances... [next]
  • Instructions
    Here you can find and instruction on how to use Moodle... [next]