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Equipment borrowing

The media rental


  • You are in need of media-technical support?
  • You are planning your courses and you need technical equipment?
  • Your goal is the professional documentation of your seminar series?

We gladly advise you on the best use of media technology, introduce you how to handle several devices and make them available to you.


The devices

For the media-technical use within the university the following devices and the appropriate accessories are available at the ZIM:

laptops - beamers - camcorder - digital camera - microphones - screens - voice recorders - ect.


The rental

All members of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal can borrow devices, but only for scientific teaching, learning and research purposes. To borrow something you have to show your valid identity card or service card. Please reserve equipment early, i.e. at least 3 working days before the borrowing date. If you want to loan equipment systems for bigger events a much longer delay is necessary, namely at least 10 working days. The borrowing period is 3 days to be able to guarantee the continuous use for all university members. The loan dates are binding, an excess of the borrowing periods is chargeable with 2 € per day and borrowed media device.

Reservations for equipment can be made by phone or e-mail. Therefore, please contact the user support.