The LPLUS examination system

With the internationally proven LPLUS software, ZIM offers you a secure solution for conducting e-examinations. The software allows you to create exams with a variety of open and closed question types, such as free text, short answer, cloze text, matching, multiple choice and largely automatic evaluation. In addition, you can integrate various media such as graphics and videos into the questions.

The software also enables joint editing of question catalogues and review processes when creating questions. To ensure the quality of your exams, LPLUS provides you with statistical data that gives you feedback on the quality of the individual questions and the exam as a whole.

As an additional security measure, access to LPLUS is only possible via a separate account and not via your ZIM account. Teachers can apply for their account by email.

Instructions for the LPLUS examination system

Zim supports you with detailed step-by-step instructions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us personally at any time!

Prepare exam

After the exam

Links to the examination system


The LPLUS TS Editor for creating exam questions can be found at

LPLUS Teststudio 3

The LPLUS Teststudio 3 for conducting e-exams can be found at

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