Legal aspects of examinations

In order to be able to conduct e-examinations in a legally compliant manner, a number of technical regulations must be observed in addition to the examination law provisions that apply to all examinations.

It is important that the students' examination data is stored securely and permanently during and after the e-examination and remains clearly assigned to the students and accessible until the end of the retention period. To this end, ZIM provides a workflow for carrying out the e-examination on ZIM computers and servers, for viewing and for storage in the Examinations Office.

To ensure that the e-exams are tamper-proof, they are conducted under supervision on ZIM computers. Access to the examination environments is via a network that is specially partitioned off for e-examinations and located on redundant dedicated examination servers, thus guaranteeing maximum data security.

Are digital examinations still possible now that the Corona Epidemic University Ordinance has expired?

Digital examinations in presence are still possible, provided...

... it is merely a computer-supported variant of the "written examination" or "examination in the answer choice procedure" examination form defined in the examination regulations.

... the examination form "e-examination" is expressly anchored in the examination regulations as defined in § 13 of the model examination regulations.

Further information can be found on the website of Department 6.

Department 6 - Framework specifications for examination regulations and module handbooks

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