Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

In this section wie answer the most frequently asked questions relating to the topic Internet-Café. If you have any question, which is not displayed here or rather not answered yet, please contact the User Support.

How do I get access to the Internet-Café?

The activation for every student for the Internet-Café takes place after the setup of the ZIM account. For this you need your ZIM-PIN, which you can find on your confirmation of enrollment. Please pay attention to the following hints about the ZIM-PIN:

  • the PIN is not your new password,
  • it's only for setting a password,
  • pay attention to upper and lower case.

For staff members of the University the setup of a ZIM account is required. If you already have a ZIM account (e.g. e-mail) you can activate the access to the Internet-Café yourself.

Where do I change my password?

The password can only be changed on the website where you also activated your ZIM account to get access to the Internet-Café. For this you will need your ZIM-PIN once again.

How can I read my e-mails on the Internet-Café computer?

The program Thunderbird can be used for managing your mail inbox. You only need to choose an existing mail account, state your name and mail address and then the mail server and the IMAP protocol are set up.

How can I print in the Internet-Café?

By the help of the INPAS printing system you can generate fee-based printouts. We recommend to print in pdf format. An instruction is available here.

How do I use my USB flash drive to transfer data?

Inside Ubuntu the removable media controlling of the system takes the mounting of USB flash drives. When you insert a USB flash drive the control will notify you after a short time with the message: "Kürzlich angeschlossene Geräte: Wechselmedium - Mit Dateimanager öffnen" ("Recently connected devices: removable media - open with file manager"). By clicking this link the file manager with the USB flash drive content will be opened. Now you can copy your data or mark registers from another file manager and via drag and drop or via right mouse click and copy drop your data in the file manager from your USB flash drive. The transfer also works analog from USB drive to HOME register. You don't need a certain folder in your HOME register to drop the data (formerly usbdisk). Please be aware of your 10 GB quota when transferring data to your HOME register.

How much memory capacity do I have in my HOME register?

As of right now you have the possibility to save up to 10 GB of data in your HOME register. Should you happen to cross the 10 GB you have 7 days to delete the data that exceeded the limit. Furthermore you cannot save more than 11 GB of data. Attention: should you get an overquota message at the 11 GB limit, you have to free some capacity or otherwise you won't be able to login, because temporary data is mounted during your login.
If you are in need of more memory capacity because of a project, a term paper (only in a scientific scale) or something else, please contact the user support.

How can I restore my bookmarks/favorites in Iceweasel/Firefox?

The browser Iceweasel/Firefox automatically saves your bookmarks when they are changed. Under the menu "Bookmarks" → "Manage Bookmarks" a window will open up where you can name your back up file via "Import" and "Backup" → "Restore" → "File". The last back up files are available in the following directory: .mozilla/firefox/default/bookmarkbackups/.
Please keep in mind that .mozilla is a hidden directory and won't be automatically displayed. With the function "Name a file" it is possible to enter a directory path. With the tab key you can now display all menu items in the directory.

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