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  • Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Education, ehemals Imagine
    Microsoft Imagine steht im Moment nicht zur Verfügung [more]
  • Studentische Hilfskraft für 9 bis 10 Stunden/Woche im Bereich Videoproduktion/Medientechnik
    Ihre Aufgaben:  • Mithilfe bei der Video-Dokumentation von universitären Veranstaltungen• Mithilfe... [more]
  • Modernisierungsarbeiten an der Netzwerkinfrastruktur, Gebäude I
    Ab Freitag, den 08.02.2019, erfolgt die phasenweise Erneuerung der Netzwerkinfrastruktur im Gebäude... [more]
  • Weitere Warnung vor Phishingmails - Angebliche Rechnung der ZWD
    Eine erneute Welle Phishing-Mails läuft derzeit. In diesen Mails wird mit dem Betreff "Payment... [more]
  • Verlängerung des Adobe ETLA-Vertrages
    Der ETLA-Desktop-Rahmenvertrag der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal mit der Firma Adobe läuft zum... [more]
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Something About VPN Connection

You can access university network from home via VPN (Virtual Private Network). This connection offers users a secure and encrypted data connection to the university.

When using this connection you have to authentify yourself by using a VPN client. User-ID and password are the same you need for all other services of ZIM (e.g. Webmail, Moodle, Wlan, Wusel etc.)

In addition to this your computer belongs to the university network and gets an IP address from there. For that, you can use internal services, such as databases of university library, access to licensed software etc.


Using Web-Based VPN

Web-based VPN offers a secure and encrypted access for surfing within the university network and operates the same way as Webmail while using an internet browser.

Instructions for the Web-based VPN

Adress of web-based VPN service:

For unrestricted use of library services the Installation of the Cicso AnyConnect VPN client is required.


Cisco AnyConnect VPN-Client

  • VPN connections are established by using Cisco-AnyConnect VPN-Client. This happens user-optimized without many effort.
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN-Client supports the following OS:
    Windows from 7 up, Linux, MAC OS X (Intel), Apple IOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and Android.
  • Installation, configuration and connection to the VPN service of the BUW is done automatically. It works via internet browser. This service is available for Windows, Linux and MAC OS X. 
  • For establishing a VPN connection to the campus network of the university you need an existing connection to the internet (e.g. via DSL, modem, ISDN or mobil), the AnyConnect VPN-Client and for authentication your account data of the BUW.

The VPN connection will be initialized via an internet browser by using URL When ending you have to close the session separately.

For license reason Software download is only possible within university network.

Our Counselling Service (Phone 439-3295) will respond to potential questions.