Digital Certificates of ZIM

A digital certificate approves the owner and some more features of a public key. Using a digital certificate user can allocate this public key to an identity (e.g. a person, organization or IT system) and assign its area of application. This protects the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data when using public keys.

Typical usage of digital certificates are

  • electronic signatures
  • protection of e-mail (e.g. using S/MIME or PGP) or
  • the safety within network protocols (e.g. SSL, IPsec or SSH).

The Wuppertal University is a member of DFN and uses the DFN certificate authority service (CA) to create and confirm digital certificates of the university.

The centre for information and media processing provides S/MIME certificates.

The private key of user certificates is stored in the browser when the application is submitted.
After approval, the signed public key must be imported into the same browser.
In addition, personal identification is necessary after the initial application. This requires an appointment with the PKI-Team zimpki[at] .

Server certificates should be requested by university staff, whose employment contract extends beyond the duration of the certificate.

The publication of certificate data is recommended for publicly accessible web servers.

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