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  • Rocket.Chat für alle!
    Ab sofort steht allen Angehörigen der Universität der Rocket.Chat zur Verfügung. Dabei handelt es... [more]
  • Studentische Hilfskraft für den Bereich E-Learning gesucht
    Das ZIM sucht für den Bereich E-Learning ab dem 01.02.2020 eine engagierte studentische Hilfskraft... [more]
  • Neuer Service: Chat Server "Rocket.Chat"
    Ab sofort steht allen Beschäftigten der Universität der Rocket.Chat zur Verfügung, welcher in... [more]
  • Phishing-Mails: "E-Mail-Sicherheits-aktualisieren"
      Derzeit sind E-Mails in Umlauf,die über ein "Sicherheitsupdate für das E-Mail-System" berichten. ... [more]
  • Campus App: WiWi-Studierende ab WS19/20 ohne Notenansicht
    Wie uns von der Universitätsverwaltung mitgeteilt wurde, werden die Prüfungsleistungen der... [more]
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Account Administration


  • Mail-Alias
  • Mail Address, to which it's supposed to be forwarded
  • Autoreply
  • Spam-Filter Settings
  • Storage Space on the Mail-Server (Quota)

Change Mail-Data

Password Change

The password you modify via this platform applies to all services or accesses respectively.

Examples for Students:

  • E-Mail
  • VPN
  • WLAN
  • Wusel
  • Moodle
  • Internet-Café

Change Password

BSCW (Groupware for cooperative work)

In order to use the BSCW you have to activate your Account for a legitimate usage.

Self-Activation for BSCW

Invite external guest (only available for staff members)

Web-Server for personal sites

The Webserver LEUTE from the ZIM is available for every student and staff member to have their own web appearance. To use this feature, you have to activate your account:

Self-Activation for Server

Internet-Café for staff members

This platform is only for staff members or external users. Students are automatically able to use the Internet-Café after their Activation.

Self-Activation for the Internet-Café

TYPO3-Access, Central Windows Services, Webhosting, ...

These Services are only available after an application.

The forms for this application are available under HelpForms