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  • Achtung - Umfangreiche Änderung - Umzug der BUW sciebo Instanz am 30.10.2020
    Liebe sciebo Nutzer*innen, seit dem Ausbruch der Corona Pandemie ist die Nutzung von sciebo stark... [more]
  • Studentische Hilfskraft für die Benutzerberatung des ZIM gesucht (9h pro Woche)
    Das ZIM sucht ab dem nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine studentische Hilfskraft (SHK) für die... [more]
  • Wartungsarbeiten zentraler Mail-Server am 02.10.2020
    Aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten ist der zentrale Mail-Server am 02.10.2020 ab 13:00 Uhr für ca. 1... [more]
  • Studentische Hilfskräfte (SHK) im Bereich Grafik/Videoproduktion und Medientechnik gesucht
    Die Abteilung Medien-Service sucht zwei Studentische Hilfskräfte zur Unterstützung bei... [more]
  • Wichtige Hinweise zur Geräteausleihe ab dem 01.09.2020
    Ab dem 01.09.2020 ist die Ausleihe von medientechnischen Geräten für alle Mitglieder und Angehörige... [more]
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Password Change/Password Activation

Security Advice

For safety reasons please do not send PINs or passwords
via E-mail at any time.


  1. Use at least one special sign or a numeric character
  2. Permitted special signs are !@#$%^&*()_+-={}|[]:;<>?,./.
  3. The password has to consist of at least 12 characters
  4. Do not use words that exist in German or English dictionaries, neither combined with a special sign.
  5. Do not use your surname or login name in reverse, not even combined with a special sign.
  6. Do not use old passwords in case of a change

Password Change/Password Activation


Please notice, that activations and changes only update every 10 minutes.


All users need their current ZIM-PIN to change the password.

From 2010 onwards new staff members receive their ZIM-PIN during the contract signing at the staff department.

Staff members who won't show up at the contract signing at the staff department or those who didn't get a ZIM-PIN during the contract signing, get their ZIM-PIN at the User Support Office of the ZIM at sight of an ID or passport.

Staff members who aren't able to come on their own have to authorize someone to get it for them. The authorized person will have to be able to identify oneself with an ID.

New staff members who are also matriculated as students, will get an extra account (with a staff member status) next to their student account. The ZIM-PIN used for the student account will automatically also be valid for the staff member account. In this case one could also demand a new generated ZIM-PIN.

Staff members who are also still matriculated as students, obtain the role of not student User. If you still have a student account, please let us know and send a short message.

If you, as a staff member, lost your password and you didn't get a ZIM-PIN from the ZIM yet, please contact the User Support of the ZIM.

Students can find their ZIM- PIN on their matriculation letter they got from the Student Registry Office at the beginning of their studies. If the ZIM-PIN should get lost somehow, students can always get a new one at the Student Registry Office.