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Validity of ZIM Accounts

The following deadlines for the validity of user accounts of the ZIM apply:

group of people validity extention options
staff, incl. SHK, WHK, WMA, plus associate lecturers until expiration of contract upon request
students until de-registration not possible
staff and cooperating partners according to §3, para. 1, sentence 4 of the VBO of the ZIM, if they partake in work-related tasks at the university until expiration of contract not possible
emeritus or retired professors 3 years via Token method
professors on fee basis, associate professors, supernumerary professors 3 years upon request
other people according to §3, para. 1, sentence 5 of the VBO of the ZIM, if they partake in work-related tasks at the university 1 year on request

The following applies to Student Accounts: After the exmatriculation has taken place the accounts will be deactivated without prior warning.
* Students may use their mailbox until 3 months after exmatriculation.

The following applies to every other Account: Four weeks before the planned deactivation of the relevant account the owner will be notified via E-mail. We cannot supply an automatic consideration of belated revalidations, therefore please contact the User Support if you wish to request a revalidation (for further instructions see below).

If the account is supposed to exist beyond the employment and the period of account vadility respectively, an informal application has to be filed - normally via the former employer or supervisor. Please notice, that the application contains the reason and the needed period of revalidation, that it certifies a potential absorption of costs and is signed by your employer/supervisor. 

Required information for the application:

  • Reason for the revalidation (informal letter)
  • When does the employment start/period of time
  • Where exactly is the new staff member employed Wo genau ist der neue Mitarbeiter angestellt (faculty/field of activity/working group/employer or supervisor)
  • [Cost unit for arising absorption of costs]
  • Full name and date of birth of the new staff member

Applications via Mail or Fax can not be considered, because the original signature is missing. Furthermore it is not possible for a retired staff member to file an application and has to be renewed every year. Please notice, that a revalidation is only possible after the premonition of the deactivation, meaning four weeks before the end of employment. Applications ahead of the end of the contract can not be considered by the ZIM.