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New Spam Filter is active

New: Spam filter of HRZ


Spam Mail (Junk Mail) is the plague for all eMail users and postmasters.


And its number is still increasing...




To protect our users against this boring floot of commercials, we


have set up an intelligent and very efficient Spam Filter based on the Open Source program SpamAssassin. Its function is similar to our virus filter: a dedicated server scans and classifies the incoming main - indepent of our main mail server.




But while in the case of a virus detection the mail may be deletetd soon,


this is more complicated un the case of Spam. How to differentiate between


Junk Mail and true mail? The risk of a "positive false" classification is high enough, that true eMail may be deletetd. Therefore we only offer a Spam detection


and an


introduction,how to move classified Spam into a special folder - and this maybe the Trash folder... We are sure, that you soon will like this service.




Yours HRZ